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We provide web solutions for you and your business.

Website Design and Construction

Whether it is a small, personal website, or a full-on, multi-page business website that you need, or a large, database driven site, web-works.co.nz can sort out all of your ideas and needs and purposefully design a site around what will work best for your business. We can provide content management sites or template-driven sites, where we put together all of the layout and links and you fill in the details, or we can go to the other extreme where we start from scratch and work with your needs to create something quite unique to your business.

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Website Maintenance

We provide low-cost, high-efficiency service options for sites that we have built, where we monitor, update and backup your site regularly for a straight-forward service fee. For pre-existing websites, whilst we would not take any responsibility for anything that we hadn't created ourselves, we can provide a range of maintenance services at attractive rates. Web-works.co.nz are able to provide support for Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla sites on a site by site basis. For existing clients, our website maintenance plans are very price-effective and can save your business literally thousands of dollars by using our services rather than in-house staffing.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Web-works.co.nz is exceptionally good at ensuring that your website gets found - usually ahead of the competition. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a blend of science and art and Web-works.co.nz have been providing this service for a number of years with outstanding success. Nearly anyone can build a website, but it takes an expert to get first page search engine rankings. Sadly, many businesses invest thousands and thousands of dollars on glamorous websites that have absolutely no hope of bringing in one new customer. Dont waste your money on something that cannot possibly deliver. Contact us now.

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