Promote Your Business With a Web-works website

How much traffic is by-passing your site? Get web-works to have a look at it for you and give you a quote for improving site rankings and bringing potential clients into your site.

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We get sites found. We build strong and reliable websites and we make sure that the search engines know where they are and that they get good search result rankings. Don't be one of the crowd. Stand out from the crowd with a website by Web-Works

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Our business is to improve your business

Leave it to the experts. We give you a quote and a timeframe and then we begin to work our magic. We build websites using either templates, or from scratch. either way, we know what the costs will be and we keep you in the loop - all the way.

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Open your business up to UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIESwith a site by web-works

Web-works websites get found. We get ranked highly in search engines because we make sure of it, right from the very start. We don't just design and build average websites: content is King and we are royally on top of the game.

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What we can do for you:


Maintenance is just as important for a website as it is for a car, a home or yourself. Many businesses have their websites built using the flashiest, most expensive means possible. Then they don't touch them again for a year...

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Website Design Whatever size website you are after, web-works can sort out all of your ideas and needs. We can purposefully design a site around what will work best for you and your business. Not telling you anything new, but...

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SEO is a very competitive business and there is no shortage of well-intentioned (and some not so well-intentioned) operators out there offering all sorts of amazing promises to the unsuspecting site owner.  is one of the longest-serving SEO businesses...

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Welcome home to    If you are looking for a dedicated website construction business to build you a fancy website, with all the bells and whistles, at a fraction of what it would cost if it were built by one of the big corporate PR companies….. then you have come to the right place.

What do we do?

We build good, solid websites for good customers. Our websites also get found. If you are trying to generate revenue from your site, then including optimisation ‘tricks’ during the construction phase is the only way that its going to work for you.

If you already have a site and it’s NOT working, and by that we mean that it’s not  generating the expected revenue, then we may be able to fix that too.

The majority of our clients are New Zealand based (as are we), but we do happily work with clients further afield.

We offer a full range of Search Engine Optimisation services, website design and construction, maintenance and backups for our clients.

Have a look through the rest of our site and see if what we can offer, suits what you need. If so, send us an email and we will be in touch. If not, then thanks for dropping by.


Darcy Kemp