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About Us


About us: Web-works is based in South Canterbury, New Zealand and has been involved in Website Construction and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) since 1999, initially under the name of Cashmere Bay.

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Ruby Creek Ltd

Web-works is a trading name of Ruby Creek Ltd, a small and independent company. This means that there are no affiliations to any other organisations. It also means that we have no obligations to promote any other products or services, other than what we consider to be the best possible services for you.


Unlike many other SEO companies, we don’t advocate for you to use anything that we cant provide ourselves. We do not charge you for anything that isn’t relevant to getting your site built or found. We do not push our clients to use any particular hosting company or domain registration company. We promote best practice, best prices and best value for money.

Some web design companies have links to, and receive kickbacks from hosting companies. Others receive royalties for every customer that ‘buys’ a web monitoring service, or backup service. We dont do that. We also tell you what the costs are likely to be, in advance.

Web-works.co.nz is located in Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand. The manager, Darcy Kemp runs this internet and consultancy service from his home office. That keeps overheads down, so that you, the client are only paying for the services that you receive. Other, less-reputable companies offering similar (and often inferior) services, have main street offices, employ bucket loads of staff, and they charge accordingly. Some (usually larger) clients seem happy to support inefficient businesses like that.

We have been involved in building specialised websites and template-powered sites since 1999 and in Search Engine Optimisation since it became a feature of the internet landscape.

We build and maintain websites for clients from all over the world. Some clients choose a simple website and are happy with that. Others choose multi-level, multi-platform sites, with or without ongoing maintenance plans or annual rebuilds and updates.

It doesnt really matter which option you choose, We will meet your needs and give you great value for your spend.

 About us: You know us and you can trust us to do a great job on getting your business found, while you get on and do your job.