Web-works understands the frustration that can occur when doing business from the Chathams. We also know that Chatham Islands-based businesses do not have to be penalised by their location if they want to conduct business over the internet. The world is a much more accessible market for those with good, high-performing websites.

Web-works is the only website construction business that specialises in building cost-effective websites for Chatham Island businesses. Physical distance is no longer a barrier for internet business success.

Several Chatham-based organisations have gained a safe, solid web presence thanks to web-works.co.nz

When it comes to the politics of  the Chathams, web-works is professional, unbiased, discreet and totally uninterested in anything other than doing a great job for all of our clients.

We have absolutely no “affiliations” with any cultural, social or business group on the Chatham Islands, other than as client-provider. We treat all of our clients and prospective clients with the same high level of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality. Web-works does work for businesses operated by Maori, Moriori and European.  Providing that they pay their bills on time, we couldnt care less what/who they are. Our “buzz” is building websites.

We even build websites for companies competing in the same industry, and we do a damned good job.

Chatham,web-works,seoWe make sure that your site gets found.

We build really good websites and we would like every business on the Chathams to have a website built by us. Why? Because we want to make sure that you get a really good site at a really good price.

If, for some inexplicable reason you dont want to use our services, ask us for a quote before you hire anyone else – just to keep them honest.

You dont need to be paying thousands of dollars for a website. Not unless you are building a 20-30+ page site with lots of bells and whistles on it. We only charge what the job is worth. Our base charge to build a straight forward 5-7 page website is NZ $650.

On top of that you will need a domain name ($50.00max ) and hosting for a year ($135 max)

We charge those at cost+plus half an hour each (admin/setup). Other website companies can charge upwards of $100-$2500 for the same domain name and anywhere from $45-500 per month for the hosting.

If for no other reason THAT is why you should ask us for a quote as well.  What have you got to lose?chatham,web-works,seo


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