Domain name selection for your site.

The success of a website begins with the proper selection of the domain name. It is important that we get this right. Having the right name can make all the difference in your search engine rankings. A domain name is the name or address of the website, after the www, but  before the or the .com.

There are four important critical points to consider when choosing your website name;

  • Before you select one, you need to do keyword research: Despite already having a product or a service, there is no point buying a name that no-one is searching for, or that does not reflect your product. (If no-one is searching for that name, then the same no-one, will ever find it).
  • The name selected needs to exactly match the keywords you have discovered.
  • Your first choice for a New Zealand site should be a  or a .nz domain name
  • The name that you choose needs to be as short and simple as possible and easy to type.

Web-works can take the hassle out of this task for you. When you contact us, we will ask you a range of questions that will enable  us to effectively come up with a working name for your website and several options for purchasing them.

We charge around NZ$35.00 per year for domain registration and annually for re-registration (this does not include our time for identifying the best domain name – just the domain registration) This is just one of the many services that web-works provides.

Email us and we will get started on sourcing you the best domain name for your business.


PLEASE NOTE: Web-works are not domain name re-sellers. We simply register and maintain domains for our clients and charge for THAT service.

Whilst Web-works does own and sell a range of domain names, they are unrelated to any client work and are the expressly registered property of Web-works and as such may be on-sold or traded as we see fit.

Domain name selection
Finding the right domain name for you

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