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Rates and Fees

Here at Web-works.co.nz we do our best to keep all of our rates right down. Prices are just above cost, and our profit margins are so slim that if they stood sideways, we would lose them.

Our business is about getting your website found, so you can start making money. Our rates are cheaper than most other construction companies (and the service is much better!) and we really make a difference.

Have a look at the services that web-works offers and what we charge (below) then send us an email and ask for a quote. Web-works are focused on quality and service. We don’t work for nothing, but we do work hard.

Web-works.co.nz getting your site found

Service Rates

Unlike many other website builders and SEO "experts" out there, we have no problem showing you what we charge. This enables you to be able to work out what it will cost you to work with Web-Works. We have simplified our rates and services charges for the tasks and services that we provide. All prices are in NZ Dollars and include GST unless otherwise indicated.
Pay As You Go website work.$120 per hour (plus any costs incurred) By the hour, website maintenance, website design, website construction, SEO.
Website Design and Construction Small Sites$1000Up to 7 pages including home, about-us, links, gallery, contact, blog and portfolio or guestbook pages
Website Design and Construction Medium SitesUp to $50007-50 pages
Website Design and Construction Corporate Sites$5000 +50+ pages
Backup Daily$3 per day, or $1095 per yearThe Web-works Backup plan includes full site backup, with cloud-based storage of multiple backups and full, remote restoration of backups.
Backup Hourly$22 per dayThe Web-works Backup Hourly plan includes full site backup, and incremental backups, every hour, all day and night, with cloud-based storage of multiple backups and full, remote restoration of backups.
Bells and Whistles Junior$800 per monthFull daily backup. Complete maintenance plan, including updates and content adjustment and some SEO adjustments
Bells and Whistles Senior$1800 monthBackup hourly and full-noise maintenance plan including free updates and upgrades.
Full on SEO adjustments and regular submissions to search engines and web directories.
Domain Name Registration$50 per year, per domain name Registration (for 12 months) of a .com .co.nz or .nz domain name.*
Website HostingStarting at $150 YearWe choose the best host for your site.

*Some domain name extensions cost more (.rich for example would cost you $4500 per year)

Site Building

Building good websites takes time, even when using templates. Of course, anyone can build a site, and there are plenty of free sitebuilders out there, such as Wix and Google sites. However, just building a website wont get you any business. The trick is getting search engines to index your website with a higher ranking than the competitions. In order for search engines to be able to find the site and then ‘rank’ it, the site needs to have certain things done to it in the back ground. THAT is where Web-works comes in. THAT is what we are good at.

What are you good at?

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