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Rates andĀ Fees

Here at www.web-works.co.nz we try and keep all of our costs down to the bare minimum. Rates are charged just above cost, and our profit margins are so slim that if they stood sideways, we would lose them.


Rates and Fees that we charge for the services that we provide. All prices are in NZ Dollars and include GST unless otherwise indicated.
Site Back Ups or Site Restoration$60 per hourPlus any costs incurred
Scheduled Monthly Website Maintenance PackageFrom $50.00 per month Depending on the size of the siteIncludes small to medium updates of plugins and content
"Bells and Whistles" Full Maintenance Plan with daily back-up and full restore options AND Full SEOFrom $200 Month
(1- 30 page sites) Please ask for a quote
Includes daily back-up with cloud storage and full restoration services
Unscheduled/Emergency repairs$100 per hour
If not part of a maintenance plan
Minimum 1/2 hr
SEO Website Annual Maintenance PlanFrom $350 year (depends on the size of the site)Includes regular submissions to search engines, directories, forums and social networks.
Domain Name Selection Advice$60.00 per hourDomain Name purchases at cost - if you engage web-works to build the site with the domain name(s) purchased.
Website Design and buildAsk for a quote, but allow approximately $650 for every 5-7 pagesThe final quote will depend on the construction methods chosen and needs of the client. Complete builds cost more than template driven sites.
SEO Audit$200 for up to 30 pages
$400 up to 100 pages
Negotiable for 100+ pages
An audit does not include any repairs or maintenance
Domain Names (per year)$35.00Domain registration and direction to your site host
Website HostingAllow up to $135 per yearWe choose the host and arrange first 12 months hosting
Websites for SchoolsWe do provide discounts for schools.Contact us and ask for a quote.
No job is too small or too large. Click here >>>
Remedial Work (Fixing someone else's mistakes or poor workmanship)$100 per hourWe do not like having to do this particular service, because we don't believe that you should have to put up with poor workmanship.


Our business is about getting your business found and making money. Our rates are not just comparable with other construction companies, they are well under what it would cost you for a comparable site:

We charge a lot less than most other companies, but we really make a difference.