Schools need websites. We know that many website companies see schools as a license to print money and up goes their fees accordingly. 

Web-works also knows, from experience and through our connections with CONSULTED.NZ that every operational dollar counts for schools in New Zealand.

We have a very good understanding of what schools need in a website. Staff, including administrators come and go in schools, so a website must be durable and easy to use.  We build sites in a range of formats and can include nearly anything that you want on a website, from galleries and blogs, to policy and procedures pages.

Content Management

Many client schools use the Content Management System (CMS) option, so that once the site is built, authorised users (Office admin, Principal or Teachers) can log in and make changes and additions to pages and information. It also enable schools to set up manageable blog or wiki pages for students that can either be public or password protected. 

Some schools prefer to have a straight forward css/html static website that promotes their school and anything that needs changing is done on a facebook page or social media site.

Either option is fine and easily achieveable. Links can be made to Wikis, facebook, bookmarking sites; in fact to nearly anything that you can think of or that would be useful to schools.

Some schools have authorised access for students to certain class pages or to other pages.

Send us an email on and discuss what it is that you want in your school website.

Prices range from NZ$650 + depending on what it is that you need. A simple, 5-7 page site will cost approximately $650 to be designed, built and populated with your content and images.

A multi-page site with lots of media content, forms and other scripts will cost accordingly- but we will give you a great deal.

Sites for schools
Sites for Schools


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