The services that Web-works provides cover all aspects of having a web presence. From email to e-commerce. Let us do the hard work for you while you focus on what you are good at.

Packages and Services

Website packages can include any combination of the following products and services;

  • Website maintenance plan
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Domain name selection
  • Hosting advice
  • Website design (either your design or template driven)
  • Website construction (includes installation and setup of templates and WP themes)
  • Email setup
  • E-commerce setup
  • User access (Admin, Editor, Contributor, Viewer)

Allied  Services

Web-works usually provides these first few services as part of website packages. However we offer them as stand-alone services – on an hourly rate of NZ$120.00 (plus the cost of any purchases)

Domain Name Selection

The success of a website begins with the proper selection of the domain name. It is important that we get this right. Having the right name can make all the difference in your search engine rankings. A domain name is the name or address of the website, after the www, but  before the or the .com.

Choosing a domain name is not as simple as buying the business name, followed by .com

There are four important critical points to consider when choosing your website name;

Before you select one, you need to do keyword research: Despite already having a product or a service, there is no point buying a name that no-one is searching for, or that does not reflect your product. (If no-one is searching for that name, then, chances are that no-one, will ever find it).

The name selected needs to exactly match the keywords you have discovered.

Your first choice for a New Zealand site should be a  or a .nz domain name

The name that you choose needs to be as short and simple as possible and easy to type.

Web-works can take the hassle out of this task for you. When you contact us, we will ask you a range of questions that will enable  us to effectively come up with a working name for your website and several options for purchasing them.

 Domain Registration:

We can register a domain for you. Domains with the following extensions (.nz  or .com) are just NZ$50.00 per year, per domain and the same again annually for re-registration (this does not include our time for identifying the best domain name – just the domain registration).  There are some domain name extensions that  that incur higher charges (for example,   .asia  .consulting  . academy all cost NZ$75) . The most expensive domain name extension that we can purchase on your behalf is (ironically) .rich  which would set you back by NZ$4500.00 per year, or .luxury at a mere NZ$1250.00 per year.

Hosting Options

Whilst we do not provide web hosting ourselves, we do have a couple of preferred web hosts that we have worked with over the years and we know the good ones and the bad ones. We only use those that give us great service and excellent deals for our clients.  (No, we do not receive any backhanders for using them).hosting,seo,web-works

Remember, buying the domain name and then building the website still wont get it seen by anyone. You need to organise a host for your site:

Think of the internet as a library, with each book being a different website.

Your domain is the title on the cover of the book.

Your Host is the shelf that the book sits on. (Different shelves fit and hold different books.)

In your library, you have to rent space on your shelf. That’s hosting.

We provide free website hosting advice to clients that have their sites built by web-works, and (for a fee) to clients that just need the advice.


Backup is the most basic and essential function that you need to attend to once you have your site built. It doesnt matter if we built it, or if you built it, or if you paid a great big PR company a gazillion bucks to build it; you still need to have regular backups made, because if you dont and the site crashes, for any reason,…… you don’t have a site any more. Simple.

Who will keep the site updated and who will add in the latest titbits of news? Are you going to make the sweeping changes to the site when the company changes and is it you who will do the dirty work when your website host gets sold to another (less-likeable) company?

These are all tasks that Web-works does.

Other Services

The following services are provided at our discretion on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to not supply these services.

Support and Remote assistance:

If you need support with a computer issue that you cannot resolve yourself and you want us to help you (because no-one else will) call us on 036880505 or email us on
Web-works can’t always fix something over the phone. Often, we need to be able to see it. To do that we need to be able to remotely access your computer.
We can provide remote assistance for (established) clients at negotiated rates. We do not promote this service as there are plenty of capable computer repairmen available out there, and we are busy building websites.

Web-works uses TeamViewer as our preferred remote access client service. If you need us to remote into your machine to diagnose or fix a problem, then please go to the Teamviewer homepage and download the remote viewer that fits your system (Win Linux or iOS )  Once that has installed, provide us with the username and password from the newly  installed teamviewer tool and we will “remote in” to your machine within minutes.

Windows users

Download Web-works (TeamViewer) Quick Support for Windows
Mac Users

Download Web-works (TeamViewer) Quick Support for Mac
Linux Users
Download Web-works (TeamViewer) Quick Support for Linux