Support in a hurry
If you need support with a computer issue that you cannot resolve yourself and you want us to help you remotely, click on the appropriate button below that matches your operating system.
That will cause a file to download to your computer. Once it has downloaded and installed, a box will appear on your desktop that will enable you to provide us with a number and a password. These will allow us to access your computer remotely (while you watch).
At the end of the remote support session, that password will expire, meaning that we will not be able to access your machine again, unless you provide us with an updated or new password. This security feature enables you to be confident with the security of your machine. The TeamViewer plugin that we use has been safely providing secure access support for computer technicians since the 1990s.
Please make sure you click on the appropriate button;


Windows users

Download Web-works (TeamViewer) Quick Support for Windows
Mac Users

Download Web-works (TeamViewer) Quick Support for Mac
Linux Users
Download Web-works (TeamViewer) Quick Support for Linux


 We are pleased to be able to help you with your computer problem. If we are not familiar with your particular computer, bear with us while we try and identify the problem and the solution.