Web-works is based in Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand and has been involved in Website Construction and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) since 1999, initially under the name of Cashmere Bay.

About Web-works –Who is web-works?

Web-works is an internet consultancy and website development service owned and operated by Darcy Kemp (that’s me).

“I’ve have been building websites ‘commercially’ for over 20 years. Well, I’ve been paid to build sites since 1999, as well as doing a whole lot of other stuff in between. For the past 6 years it’s been a full-time business. I figure that  I must have ‘made it” once I started having to turn work down?”

My website construction career began in the build up to the millennium, before google was even a binary blip on the world wide web horizon. Now, I am something of an unsung (I don’t sing!) SEO guru and some of my sites enjoy unparalleled search engine coverage for some seriously significant search terms.  In fact, chances are that you are reading this because you found this page searching for SEO or website builders or something similar.

I run this business from my home office. That keeps my overheads down, so that you (the client) are only paying for the services that you receive. My clients are not expected to pay for the rent on a main street office, or for me to employ bucket loads of staff. I might sub-contract some aspects of bigger contracts and I do have a couple of other trusted SEO experts and website construction specialists that I can call on for some of those really big jobs, but generally, I enjoy doing the work myself, even if it takes a little longer.”


What is it about Web-works that is so different?

Well, for a start, we won’t charge you for anything that isn’t relevant to getting your site built or found.

Web-works will not push our clients to use any particular hosting company or domain registration company, apart from those that we pick based solely on value for money (for you!). We weigh up the options (price, accessibility, usability, hosted vs shared, etc, etc ) for and then make the call. (All we can do is ADVISE you about the best host). If you want to use someone else, that’s YOUR call.

We promote best practice, best prices and best value for money.

-Some web design companies do the “backlink thing” and receive kickbacks from some hosting companies. We don’t.

-Others receive royalties for every customer that ‘buys’ a web monitoring service, or a backup service. We don’t do that either.

-Some website builders, do half the job and then reveal loads of “unanticipated HIDDEN costs”.   We don’t.

-We will tell you exactly what it will cost you – in advance. Well in advance. If you change the goal posts halfway through a project, then there will likely be a corresponding change in the total cost,…. but we will be able to work that out, so there is never any “surprises.

Where are we (and does that matter?)

Funnily enough, “Yes” and “No”. It doesn’t really matter where we are based as our work is internet located. But sometimes, just sometimes, we like to meet our clients. Particularly if the product/service is a bit different, or if the client is not used to advertising and struggles with providing content and images. We usually have a coffee and a chin-wag.

Web-works has been building specialised websites for two decades and providing Search Engine Optimisation services since before it started to matter and it became a necessary feature of the internet landscape.

Web-works builds and maintains websites for clients from all over the internet. Some web-works clients choose a simple website and are happy with that. Others choose multi-level, multi-platform sites, with or without ongoing maintenance plans or annual rebuilds and updates.

It doesnt really matter which option you choose, Web-works will meet your needs and give you great value for your spend.

 About us: You know us and you can trust us to do a great job on getting your business found, while you get on and do your job.


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