links,seo,web-worksThis page is where we place those sites where we have links to or from, or that we have found helpful for us. Links are not just important. They are critical to how well a site does in search engine rankings.

Often, the reason behind having particular links on this page is because they are ‘reciprocal’ links. We may have links to a particular web directory or search engine, and they reciprocate by having a link to us.

At Web-works, because we have so many clients, we absorb the negative implications of that (long story, but some search engines penalise your search engine rankings if you have too many inbound links) by having the reciprocal links on our site but the directories have the back-links to the clients. We are not so concerned with search engine ranking for ourselves: after all- you found this page.

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WARNING: This stuff can get confusing. ENTER AT OWN RISK!

The Importance of Links

The internet is just a collection of links;

In reality, the internet is simply a collection of links. A network of networks. If there weren’t any links, the internet (as we know it) wouldn’t exist. For this reason, if you find a good web site that you like, that has good content you should link to that site.

Sorry to be the one to tell you, but the INTERNET is not the same thing as the World Wide Web (www).

The World Wide Web is the system we use to access the Internet. The Web isn’t the only system out there, but it’s the most popular and widely used. (Examples of ways to access the Internet without using www include e-mail and instant messaging.)

The World Wide Web makes use of  a language known as hypertext (http://) to access the various forms of information available on the world’s different networks (the internet).

This allows people all over the world to share knowledge and opinions. We typically access the Web through browsers, like Chrome, Firefox and IE. By using browsers like these, you can visit various websites and view other online content.

So another way to think about it is that:

the Internet is composed of the machines, hardware and data; and the World Wide Web is what brings this technology to life.

Don’t worry about search engine rankings of the site you’re linking to. If you find a web site that you or your visitors find valuable, then post a link to it and ask them for a reciprocal link to your site.

Search engines just try to organize (catalogue) the Internet for the benefit of us humans who cant possibly keep up or catalogue the billions of sites out there. They organise it and links build it. If you participate in building the Internet with good links, your web site is in a good position.

Your website should always be built and updated with your customers in mind. If your web site is useful and important to your clients, search engines will reflect that. A well-designed set of links can help you to make your site useful and important for your visitors.web-works,links,seo

As always though, content is king

Search engine optimization (SEO) theory dictates that content is the most important single factor influencing search engine rankings for your wesite.

A good set of links across your site is a valuable resource for your visitors and it improves the content of your web site. If your web site contains many related links for a specific topic, chances are that your web site will be considered as an authority and a hub for that topic by the search engines, and THAT equals more traffic and more exposure for your business.

Well-designed link pages with useful and related links help you to make your web site more useful and attractive for web surfers. Web sites that are useful and attractive for web surfers get high search engine rankings because they’re considered authorities and worth linking to.

Focus on your web site visitors. Search engines try to find web sites that are useful for web site visitors. If the linking structure of your web site indicates that it is a useful site, your site will get great search engine rankings as well as targeted traffic from your link partners.

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