Free Stuff For Windows

Have you got one of those mates who always has the software for all occasions? Don’t you wonder where he gets it from?

Does he pay for it,or is it really FREE?

Read on to find out for yourself where you too can get your mitts on this free stuff:

We will list the TOP20 best FREE WINDOWS software tools right here. FOR FREE!

No ADS (apart from ours) no nasty little add-ons, no viruses, trojans or anything else – nothing apart from direct links to the software you need for each occasion.

We will update this list regularly. We’ll add to it, we will delete items and we will re-organise them, so keep checking back here, or follow our facebook page, as any changes will be notified there.

1.ZIP     WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, PeaZipTugZip, Jzip?  PeaZip has saved my bacon a number of times recently. Give it a try.

2. Text Ed              Notepad++  XMLnotepad  PSPad?

3. Cleaners       CCleaner  Comodo  Eusing

4. Recovery Tools           Pandora  Recuva  Recover My Files

5. Recover Deleted Image              Artplus

6. Email Password Recovery    Mail PassView  PSTPassword

7. Instant Messenger Password Recovery Tool: MessenPass.

8. Passwords:            Asterisk Logger

9. Password Protect EXE files     Empathy

10. Password protect Excel files                   Excel Password remover

Free Open Source Software

How come you always have to install “new” software. Why ddn’t this computer come with everything that’s needed?

How come I always have to buy the stuff?

Most commercial software packages have FREE alternatives. Many commercial software packages start out as FREE open-source software. Someone with a few clues gets hold of the source code and wraps it up with bloatware to make it look great(commercial), includes a few security features so that purchasers can’t make changes to it and then sells it to unsuspecting consumers (you and me). Many commercial software programmes are so ‘wrapped’ up to protect the producer’s interests that the physical filesize of the ‘wrapping’ exceeds the actual programme.

Microsoft windows is a prime example of this. Much of the obese installation files for Windows 7 and upwards, is taken up with Microsoft bloatware and security features. Most of which are designed to protect Microsoft’s control of the software (from you), rather than your computer and data.

One of the biggest arguments for using Free Open Source Software (FOSS)comes from the tech giants Apple and Microsoft: The cost. Total cost of ownership (or TOC) is the acronym they love to bandy about.  Excuse me! If it’s free, …… it’s free. They claim that the total cost is higher for FOSS because the consumer has to install and maintain it. This is particularly so with FOSS operating systems, such as the hundreds of Linux releases.

Actually, Linux, just like Windows and IOS can be set to automatically download and install updates. Ironically both Windows and IOS operating systems are simply built on the same base code as the Linux that they despise (because it’s free).

Not enough software programmes to compare with Windows or IOS or Android? Actually most of the Windows programmes originate from the FOSS arena and are then commercialised and bloated. ANYTHING that you can do with a computer, can be done with FOSS on Linux or on Windows. MOST activities can be replicated using FOSS on IOS, but it is true that there is not the same availability for FOSS use on IOS products. But THAT is because Apple doesn’t want you to use FREE stuff on their gear. As a consumer, shouldn’t we be deciding what we use on the computers that we pay for?

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