Maintenance is just as important for a website as it is for a car, a home or yourself. Many businesses have their websites built using the flashiest, most expensive means possible. Then they don’t touch them again for a year or two, presumably because they think that once it is built “they will come!” If only it were that simple.

Stay a step ahead with

Having a successful website requires regular maintenance and service to keep it updated so that search engines know that it is current. If you don’t do the maintenance, then they will rank you accordingly and your website (and your business) will not be found by potential clients.

Some clients choose to do the maintenance themselves, but others find it easier to pay the  maintenance service fee and let us do it on a regular basis. We can provide scheduled backups, regular news updates and price adjustments and nearly any other service activity that would be needed.


Web-works charges a flat rate of NZ$100.00 per hour for maintenance work (plus any costs incurred) or you could sign up for one of our great value Monthly maintenance plans. 

There may be additional hourly-rate fees for unscheduled or emergency service/maintenance tasks*. (You know; that middle of the night stuff)

*NOTE: We do not provide this service for sites that we did not build.

Why do maintenance on a website?

We believe that a regular maintenance service is essential for customised sites, as these sites are the most vulnerable to clients making mistakes when entering data.

It is important to remember that every website is different but one thing is constant: To maintain a high level of performance, you need to keep your website online, error free and up to date with fresh content.