SEO is a very competitive business and there is no shortage of well-intentioned (and some not so well-intentioned) operators out there offering all sorts of amazing promises to the unsuspecting site owner.  is one of the longest-serving SEO businesses in New Zealand. We’ve quietly been going about our craft since 1999. Actually, we were doing SEO back then before the trendy acronym was even in use. Its just how we built our first sites. (Ah, those heady days of the last century!)

Search Engine Optimisation is both a science and an art-form and we love being really, really good at it. A good, solid, well-built website, will always out-perform a flashy, mass-produced, expensive one. Glitz and glamour does not equate to search engine success.

What do we offer?

We offer full SEO services. From domain name (keyword) selection, right down to the repetitive and endless site submissions to endless directories and search engines. 

Many people presume that once they have built a website, then that’s it; and the customers will come flocking to the site and in the door. Not so. Without proper optimisation (and search engine rankings);

  • Potential customers will not be able to find the site (unless they are specifically looking for it)
  • You will receive little, or no, virtual foot traffic ( the internet equivalent of passing trade)

No-one looks through more than 2, maybe 3 pages of search engine results. If the answer is not there on that first page, most people move on.

What does SEO do?

SEO not only keeps your site neat and tidy, it also brings in extra customers.

Generally, website traffic comes from 2 different sources

  1. People who know that the site is there, and
  2. People who are searching for a product or service

The first group are only searching for your site because they know it is there, so you don’t really need to worry too much about attracting them,…. because they already know its there.

You just need to hold their attention once they get there. A business that has this type of marketing strategy can afford to have a personalised or even ‘whacky’ domain name, as everyone already knows that its there. (eg: or

The second (and largest) group are looking for a product or service and they don’t know about you, or your business, yet!. They just want to find a solution.

These people are like foot traffic on a busy street. You want them to notice your storefront and come on in- and potentially buy something.

If you want to capture the attention of this group of people then you need to convince the search engines into ranking your website highly for particular words or “search terms” that these searchers are likely to use. (This is the core of SEO)

A well-optimised site will have potential clients “accidentally” tripping over your site. This type of website needs a keyword-rich domain name based on the product, not the owner, as it is highly likely to be the product that is being searched for rather than the supplier. These sites are the ones that we really relish, as the challenge of getting higher search engine rankings for these sites is always much more competitive than any other form of site.

How good are we?

Well actually; we are pretty darned good at this stuff. Web-works optimises sites that then go on to out-perform sites that pay (often big money) the search engines for their first page rankings. Our goal is always to achieve first page rankings for your site, but we refuse to pay for search engine rankings. We know that well-built sites should always receive higher rankings ahead of poorer quality sites. That way it makes/keeps the internet as a level playing field for all sizes of businesses and bankrolls.

Whats the big deal?

Often we find that the expensive corporate web builders have just used a $49 template and dressed it up and sold it to the client as a purpose-built customised website “just for them.” Thats a hard one to tell clients when they come to us and ask us why their $8000-$80,000 website isn’t generating any new business or sales. “Well,… the site looks nice, but……;

a) it isn’t unique to you- (here’s where they got the template from) and,

b) there has been no serious (or even half-hearted) SEO done on the site; in fact the only one that is going to get traffic is the site builder themselves because they have riddled the site with their own logos and code.

Even really expensive sites can have that done to them, sometimes by really REALLY expensive PR companies. One company that we know of claimed that the sites that they built had the best SEO tools and methods applied. When we previewed the site of one of their smaller clients (now ex-clients) they had not even put any keywords in the meta tags! (geek talk for NO, they didnt).

So working on other people’s sites can be messy. Some web builders hide fishhooks in sites to deliberately make it difficult to re-engineer the site. Some use layers of unnecessary security designed to keep the owner away from the code or html, and in some instances, away from the site itself.

We can provide an SEO audit service for sites that we have not built ourselves. This covers everything from metatags to spelling mistakes and will let you know what your site is really made of and why it is or isn’t performing. We just don’t like having to re-engineer a site like that. We’d rather work with the sites from scratch. Do it once- do it right.

SEO Site Audit Charges:

We can’t put a random figure on this service as we don’t yet know how big your site is, or what will be needed to sort it out. We will give you a quote, based on the size and complexity of your site and what is required. Once we (you and us=we) agree on a price for an audit, we will go through the site, page by page and comment on possible search engine penalties, positives and negatives and things that need to be changed to enable success. You will receive a pdf report emailed to you at the end of the review, once payment is received by us. (Don’t be offended, but we’re not falling for that old trick!)

We do love working our SEO magic on sites that we build. It’s especially rewarding on customised sites and we get as much satisfaction from beating the competition as the site owners do.

We provide search engine submissions to bucketloads of different search engines and directory sites, to maximise your coverage. We can also provide Social Media links as these are proven to be one of the fastest ways to get good coverage. Its like the modern equivalent of ‘word of mouth.’ Although it doesn’t guarantee you search engine dominance. 


Our sites fit all browsers

Our sites are fully compatible with all of the mainstream browsers -and most of the less “mainstream” ones. 

We are particularly careful to ensure that sites work on tablets and phones as these are used by a growing share of internet users. 


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